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The Fastener + Fixing Group provides unrivalled coverage and perspective of the global fastening industry. From its inception, our policy has been to deliver comprehensive, in-depth reporting on the fastener, fixing, and related markets, presenting news genuinely worthy of being read by the industry decision makers.

Since its launch 19 years ago, Fastener + Fixing Magazine has become the most respected publication dedicated to the industry. While Fastener + Fixing Magazine focuses exclusively on trade and manufacturing of fastening products, we also have FastFixTechnology.com - which is dedicated to original equipment manufacturers.

Bridging them both is the long established Fastener + Fixing Search. As a recognised sourcing guide for both trade and users, Fastener + Fixing Search has long been a valued reference for all facets of the industry. Users have the choice of the printed edition or online at www.fastfixsearch.com

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