Security fasteners for rail applications 25 September 2020

Trespassing and vandalism on railways is reckless, causes delays as well as causing lost profits. When someone is caught trespassing, all trains must be stopped in the vicinity to make sure everyone is kept safe. This not only delays nearby trains, but also has a knock-on effect on trains across the network.

In the modern world there is an ever increasing need to review the safety and security of the environments where we live, work and play. In terms of the rail industry this can be split into two categories – protecting track infrastructure, and surrounding areas as well as protecting train carriages.

Typical applications in track infrastructure include perimeter security (fences and barriers), station infrastructure and furniture, electrical components, cable management, as well as lighting, signage and equipment. Train carriage applications include handrails and safety rails, seating, electrical components (sockets, charging ports), lighting and signage, maintenance access panels, cladding, as well as doors and entry/exit systems.

When specifying projects in the public sphere (where people can readily access or interfere with fasteners) it is necessary to safeguard against damage, tampering or injury caused through damaged or faulty equipment.

Security fasteners help to prevent the occurrence of tampering or injury (premeditated or accidental). Opportunistic theft or tampering may be caused by persons casually tampering or vandalising fasteners. This is very prevalent in public places such as rail stations and train carriages, where equipment is highly exposed and would be vandals, or thieves, are given access and time to cause damage. However, the use of tamper resistant security fasteners significantly reduces people’s ability to interfere or remove them.

Hafren’s security fasteners have been designed and engineered to resist tampering, with many of the products being unique patented designs such as the Kinmar® permanent and removable nuts and bolts. These fasteners are manufactured from quality materials, such as stainless steel, offering improved corrosion resistance by increasing fastener life and reducing the need for maintenance and replacement. Hafren also stocks 5-Lobe pin.

All fasteners have also been graded with a 1 to 5 security rating – Level 1 being ‘Entry Level’ and Level 5 being the ‘Maximum Security’ available – to further help with specifying the correct level of security fastener for the job.

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