Vibration damping with ELESA 26 April 2023

ELESA has recently developed a new solution, a range of vibration mounts, to help reduce the effects of vibrations which commonly occur in machinery across multiple industries.

Vibrations are often an unwanted phenomenon and can adversely affect the machinery that generates them, the conditions in the surrounding environment, and people's health.

To combat this phenomenon, ELESA is offering an increasingly wide range of vibration mounts to which are added the recent AVR rubber buffer plates consisting of two zinc-plated steel plates glued onto both sides of a perforated NBR rubber vibration-damper body (avaible in hardness 30, 50, 55, 60 and 80 Shore A). The range also offers square plates with SBR rubber coating (AVR-Q) and rectangular plates (AVR-R).

The latest addition are the new AVR rubber buffer plates which offer effective protection against vibrations and shocks where compressive resistance is required and are suitable for meeting the requirements of industrial air treatment systems (HVAC), for electrical panels and presses, possible sources of vibration that must be isolated as much as possible to prevent malfunctions and to protect the operator's health.

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