New version of the free pre-design software EJOT ANCHOR FIX® 16 February 2023

EJOT has announced a new version of its ANCHOR FIX® pre-design software, a simple, efficient and free design software for heavy-duty anchorages. The software was developed to facilitate the work of civil engineers, planners and technicians. 

Users can carry out complex calculations in no time at all, calculate the safest option and thus determine the optimal products for the individual project. Once installed, the software on the end device updates automatically and of course free of charge.

The newly updated tool now has numerous drop-down menus. Also, a mouse-over effect is a helpful addition to most input fields. The update also encompasses fastening elements in masonry. Whereas the previous version only a preliminary design of metal anchors in concrete was possible, ANCHOR FIX® now offers the extensive calculation of chemical anchors and plastic anchors both in concrete and in all common types of masonry. 

The selection of the correct masonry is done in a targeted manner using coloured illustrations. At the same time, the dimensioning tool provides a calculation of the required amount of mortar in millilitres and the optimum anchor rod length for each anchor point. In addition, the tool shows the respective utilisation of the anchor as a percentage as well as all available alternative products, so that the user can make the optimal choice depending on economic efficiency and possible safety requirements. 

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