Targeting zero defect on double ended collar studs and brake booster bolts 12 March 2019

Italian-based Dimac Srl has been working with ATF Inc – a US manufacturer from Lincolnwood, Illinois – on controlling the complete range of high-quality double ended collar studs and brake booster bolts, up to 250mm long, for the automotive industry.

To meet the challenge, Dimac restyled its MCV3 machine, with the bending inspection done in sequence together with crack detection and heat treatment inspection by eddy current technology. Thread profiles and full 360° dimensional controls can also be carried out.

Hutch Zamudio, sorting department manager at ATF Inc, explains: “Every single bolt is picked up and turned 360° while the rotary table indexes. The complete bolt profile is scanned in 3D by the side profile cameras and the vision software performs a complete bending check with the highest possible accuracy.”

MCV3 can be used 24 hours a day, across the three shifts of ATF’s sorting facility. “When we started working with Dimac on our company specifications, I personally followed the machine pre-acceptance in Italy with my colleagues and the final acceptance here in Lincolnwood,” mentions Hutch. “Everything fulfilled our expectations in terms of performances and accuracy of the inspection. This machine is really user-friendly to set-up and we can changeover from one part to a new one in a very short time.”

Talking about DRA – Dimac Remote Assistance, Hutch adds: “Dimac after sales service in North America is fantastic, the staff of Angor-Intools – Dimac’s North American representative – always give a very prompt online teleservice assistance, as well as offering us support and advices for any improvements of the machine’s inspection capabilities.”

ATF’s managers expressed their satisfaction for the partnership developed with Dimac and Angor-Intools during the last two years. “Dimac has been able to meet our requirements in terms of 100% inspection of very complex parts, which the automotive industry is challenging us to meet every day.”

The MCV3 model for double ended collar studs, anchor bolts and brake booster bolts, is an example of how Dimac is constantly committed to meet, and possibly exceed, customers’ demands, for any kind of complex sorting. Just like the whole range of Dimac machines – this series benefits from the MCVx vision inspection system, an advanced dedicated software for the inspection of fasteners, and is the result of 20 years’ research and development, which Dimac carried out – and keeps on carrying out – with some of the most important fastener OEMs around the world.

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