TR responds to sheet metal fastener demand 03 August 2020

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic created a surge in global demand for medical equipment, with the subsequent knock-on effect of a huge demand for sheet metal fasteners. TR Fastenings focused on being as responsive as possible to meet this demand and is now further investing in its sheet metal range to accelerate growth of this product portfolio.

The latest investments from TR sees expansion of its own Hank® self clinch fasteners and the launch of a new range of K-Series® thin nuts. TR’s facility in the UK can manufacture as small as M2 and as large as M36.

TR says its success comes from having a robust business model for large OEMs and SMEs, and it’s competitive advantage is achieved through flexible pricing, volumes and short lead times with the capability to source raw materials locally; allowing faster production times to meet demand.

TR can also offer fastener testing capabilities across mechanical, dimensional, installation, and plating and finishes. The company supplies sheet metal products for pressing, riveting or welding during manufacturing or assembly processes.

Showcasing sheet metal fastening solutions
TR’s website now further enriches the customer journey by showcasing the latest information on sheet metal fasteners with technical, explanatory animations and visualisation tools showing how products can be installed. The videos and enhanced online resources provide insights including detailed product specifications, materials and performance guides, FAQs, spotlight pieces and customer feedback - supported by global sales and marketing activity.

Steve Wallis, sales office manager at TR Fastenings said: “The recent pace of change across the industry has been unprecedented and TR has been able to utilise years of experience to adapt to this. Customers are looking for higher quality and smarter application-based sheet metal fasteners, and selecting and installing the right fastener, within tight timeframes, is a challenge. This is where TR’s global teams can add real value, from our knowledgeable customer services assisting with product suitability through to our expert quality and application engineers providing guidance from early design through to specification and manufacturing.”