NORMA launches compression fitting 12 April 2022

NORMA Group has developed a new compression fitting, NORMA MARLIN PN16, for use in European drinking water applications, irrigation and sanitary systems as well as other industrial applications.

Dr Michael Scheider, CEO of NORMA Group explains: “Demand for efficient water management solutions, especially in the drinking water sector, is growing worldwide. With this development in mind, we are working to expand our water management business worldwide and constantly grow our product portfolio. With NORMA MARLIN, we are responding to calls from our European customers for product solutions that are also suitable for drinking water applications, while at the same time tapping into new market potential.”

Customers will also benefit from the newly developed NORMA QuickTight technology. This system incorporates a special lip gasket that can be used to quickly and securely connect one water line to another. In conventional compression fittings, the seal consists of an O-ring that seals the connection between the compression ring and the pipe. When the nut is tightened, the O-ring is compressed in a special chamber between the clamping ring and the tube. A considerable amount of force is needed to tighten the nut against the resistance of the O-ring and the tube. 

The NORMA MARLIN compression fitting, on the other hand, has a profiled lip seal. This means that the connection between the pipe and the clamping ring is immediately sealed when the pipe is pushed in and leakage is reduced to a minimum. Without the resistance of the seal, the nut can be tightened easily and quickly, which the company states  can help to reduce installation time for customers by around 50%.

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