NORMA Group pipe coupling withstands extremely high temperatures 05 September 2019

NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, now offers a new, highly heat resistant pipe coupling with a fluororubber seal (FKM) can withstand temperatures of up to 180°C.

This version of the FGR pipe coupling is therefore particularly well suited for pipe systems through which superheated steam flows, including heating pipes in district heating systems and systems for sterilisation, disinfection and cleaning in hospitals, laboratories and hotels, for example.

“With this pipe coupling, we are adding the demanding high temperature range to our portfolio of joining products,” says Dr Michael Schneider, member of the management board of NORMA Group. “We are thus able to offer our customers in the sanitary sector a robust, ready to install joining solution that meets the highest requirements in terms of material and heat resistance.”

Apart from the FKM seal, the FGR pipe coupling consists entirely of stainless steel and is therefore highly resistant to corrosion. It connects different types of metal pipes compactly and reliably; it can bridge gaps between pipe ends and compensate for axial movements. It has been developed for temperature ranges of gaseous media from -10°C to 150°C. In addition to superheated steam, the pipe coupling with a FKM seal is ideal for use in transport lines containing various acids and alkaline solutions, hydrocarbons, ozone, oxygen and other gases. When transporting fluids, the pipe coupling is suitable for temperatures up to 180°C.

The FKM seal was tested for temperature resistance and durability at NORMA Group’s own test laboratory in Maintal. The FGR pipe coupling is manufactured at the NORMA Group plant in Gerbershausen, Germany.

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