Henkel unlocking sustainable solutions 08 March 2023

Henkel has launched a new sustainability-focused bio-based adhesive, as well as its new holt melt adhesive system Easyflow®, both of which aim to reduce their effects on the environment.

With Technomelt DM ECO, Henkel offers a sustainability-focused grade solution for the first time to the European nonwovens market. The new range of direct bio-based adhesives for hygiene products construction, enables elastics and positioning applications to be carried out with more than 50% bio-based, non-fossil sources. In this way, Technomelt DM ECO makes more sustainable product designs possible, while helping reduce CO2 footprints. The adhesives range is compatible with renewable and standard substrates without compromising on process efficiency.

Henkel has also recently announced its Easyflow® hot melt adhesive system. This adhesive is based on a new pressure-sensitive, patented product form that enables safe and efficient delivery, and increases the production line efficiency. Supplied in small, non-sticky micro chubs, the adhesive’s form melts on demand, and enables the auto-feeding of Technomelt DM adhesives into hot melt tanks to enhance safety and operations.

The auto-feeding process minimises the time the adhesive is molten inside the tank, reducing the risk of the build-up of VOCs while also reducing energy consumption by up to 20%. Henkel insists that Easyflow®´s closed system integration reduces the risk of adhesives contamination from foreign materials entering the hotmelt tanks.

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