fischer PRO App for tradespeople and engineers 23 June 2022

fischer has introduced the PRO App; a practical tool that allows the user to quickly and easily access necessary data, facts and documents on the construction site or in the office. The application is continuously optimised and enhanced with new features based on user behaviour.   

With the fischer PRO App, professional users and planners can access many useful functions and information on fixing technology from anywhere and at any time. With its digital product advisor, fischer helps tradespeople and engineers to access key information, facts and documents quickly and securely in order to be able to make decisions on the ideal fixing solution.  

Digitalisation has been making its way onto construction sites for some time. Digital tools for mobile end devices such as the fischer PRO App are crucial, as they help tradespeople and engineers to find the right product or system for a fastening task on the go or on the construction site. The App is available on Android and iOS operating systems.

The App’s product advisor allows professional users and engineers to find their way quickly and easily to the right individual product or most suitable system solution by typing in a few standard parameters. Based on this information, the app quickly calculates the fixing or system solution that best meets the needs and requirements of the customer and project.

A new option allows the user to calculate the mortar quantities required for bonded anchors and post installed rebar connections. Until recently, professionals had to activate the separate MortarFix app for this purpose, which will be discontinued by the end 2022. The mortar quantity calculator is now integrated into the fischer PRO app and provides even quicker results with simplified functions and a new, clearer design.

“The user enters various parameters such as the substrate type, drill hole quantities and diameters and the loads to be supported,” says Marc Klunzinger, who is responsible for developing the App as product owner at fischer. “Based on this data, the fischer PRO App calculates the required quantity of the respective fischer injection anchor with the required number of cartridges.”

Additional information such as approval documents on suitable products or all in one systems can be displayed, if required. The digital advisor categorises the results into the most suitable fischer recommendations for the respective fastening application and into alternative solutions. Users can visually distinguish between plastic, steel and chemical options, provided that several of them are eligible for the application. Products can be purchased directly through connected online retailers or in store. Users can choose to have local stores in the vicinity displayed or place their order through the online store.

The product advisor is also available as a desktop version for PCs. In addition to the product advisor, users can use the pro App’s virtual showroom to research suitable fixing and system solutions. The application also allows users to intuitively find any information needed on the world of fischer fixings, chat directly with application engineers and more. The fischer PRO App offers an additional option to document building constructions, which gives users the advantage of being able to easily access installation reports from anywhere and at any time. Tradespeople and engineers can determine loads for individual installation situations.  

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