Protecting fishing gear in harsh marine environments 08 December 2022

Approximately 640,000 metric tonnes of fishing gear is lost every year, polluting oceanwaters and devastating marine ecosystems. The Smart Farallon Buoy – sealed with ZAGO sealing screws – eliminates these issues providing ‘real time’ tracking and monitoring of deployed fishing gear to anywhere in the world – land or sea – via mobile App or web interface.

Armed with sensors, the Farallon Buoy recognises when it is in or out of the water and alerts the user to anything unusual, such as equipment being dragged by a trawler, moved by a storm, or entangled. It sits atop of the water, attaches to a range of subsea fishing equipment, and works even when pulled underwater by strong currents.

“Our buoy is small and light enough to be stored inside a Dungeness crab or lobster pot, but durable enough to be bounced off the deck or whipped around by twenty foot Arctic seas. It is reliable, durable and performs in the harshest environments,” says Peter Macy, chief business officer, Blue Ocean Gear creator of the Smart Farallon Buoy.

To ensure reliability and durability, as well as optimise performance, the Farallon Buoy is sealed with ZAGO Phillips pan head seal screws made from titanium and engineered with Buna O-ring technology. ZAGO sealing screws differ from standard screws, as they feature a custom groove under the head. When combined with a rubber O-ring and tightened, the screw forms a 360 degree leak-proof and waterproof seal that will not break or crack under strenuous conditions. They are pollutant-free and prevent contaminants like oil, bacteria, sand or dust from leaking in and damaging equipment, or from leaking out and polluting the environment.

“We chose a titanium seal screw because of its high resistance to saltwater corrosion. It’s also lightweight, yet strong. We chose a Buna O-ring because of its resistance to saltwater and its vast temperature range, both hot and cold. In addition to pressure resistance, we like that ZAGO seal screws are sustainable, reusable and can be unscrewed and retightened multiple times,” explains Peter Macy.
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