tesa offers optimum solutions for vehicle conversion market 21 May 2018

In vehicle conversion and the aftermarket sectors adhesive tapes provide significant advantages as an alternative to mechanical fixings. Enabling relatively straightforward methods of application and assembly without the need for specialised skills, the use of adhesive tapes has increased significantly in both the pursuit of lightweighting and the quality of aethestics.

tesa®, a world leader in adhesive tape technology, offers a comprehensive range of tapes that enable vehicle converters to replace traditional bonding techniques used in the conversion process, such as welding, brazing and bolting - saving time, weight and cost. These tapes offer a perfect combination of design, functionality and quality – elements that are essential in meeting the increasing demand for adapting not only commercial vehicles and vans, as well as more specialist areas like mobile homes and caravans, rescue and security, agricultural and construction vehicles.

Many customers want vehicles that are customised to their specific business requirements, but also need to meet strict safety standards and minimise weight at the same time. Racking and stiffening bars are common types of conversion.

Adhesive bonds in commercial vehicles must stand up to exceptionally high stresses and loading factors. Examples of applications include a major vehicle converter who used tesa ACXplus 7074 to bond loadlock rails to vans, reducing application time to 45 minutes per vehicle. This bonding solution increased production efficiency from 3 van conversions per week to between 8 and 10.

Adhesive tapes are ideal for many different bonding applications. They can be precisely matched and provide high strength bonding that meet the manufacturer’s specifications. tesa® ACXplus is suitable for most demanding applications such as heavy stress, high temperatures or hard to bond materials, including plastics such as PP (polypropylene) and powder coated materials.

In comparison with conventional solutions using liquid adhesives and clip-on connectors, tesa’s adhesive tape solutions for mounting mirrors offer considerable advantages in terms of time and effort.

tesa’s double-sided tape also offers reliable bonding of floor coverings, together with easy removal.

Adhesive tapes are also used in the conversion of emergency, rescue services, agricultural and construction vehicles, in applications such as mounting, masking and protection as well as special applications for wrapping of cable harnesses on agricultural vehicles or laser safety labels for construction and security vehicles.

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wheelchair accessible cars has now introduced tesa 66022® as a new method of applying non-slip vinyl flooring to the chassis and ramp of their vehicles, replacing the messy and time-consuming spray adhesive process from the factory, which has improved productivity and reduced potential Health & Safety issues.

“In a market characterised by the need for versatility and resilience in design, tesa’s wide range of adhesive tapes provide time and cost savings in application a alongside enhanced quality and the possibility of greater design freedom, they offer the potential to support the specialist vehicle converter,” comments Jeremy Smith, marketing manager at tesa UK.

tesa’s vehicle converter product range has a broad spectrum of applications, from the temporary protection of interior and exterior surfaces to the productive area of conversion manufacturing and the bonding of permanent fixings as well as a wide range of labels that maximise security.

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