SINARD develop two new quick attachment devices 09 June 2017

SINARD’s latest catalogue for Quick Attachment Devices includes 500 references, to which it has added two new products.

SINARD has been recognised in the market for more than 68 years and has two business divisions: quick attachment devices and products according to norm (DIN-ISO) and special parts to customer specification.
The company’s latest quick attachment devices catalogue details a range of more than 500 products, especially designed to install and fasten all type of electric material - cables, pipes, trays, and particularly, false ceilings with metal or concrete structures. They allow fixing without drilling beams, providing safe methods of installation.

The latest addition to the range includes two references. The application is directly fitting to the beam and makes it easy for installers using cable tie/tie-wrap/hose ties to hold electric cables. They also have a free 6.5mm hole to allow riveting or joining to another part. SINARD has used its experience to produce an economic but very functional component, with a simple yet versatile design. PCM10DT is appropriate for 3mm - 10mm beam thickness; PCM18DT for beams from 10mm - 18mm.

SINARD is also a specialist in heat-treated spring steel stamping, manufacturing a wide range of products. Standard parts according to norm include ISO 8752 spring pins, DIN 2093 disc springs, Aranlocks®, retainer washers, plus rings and washers DIN 137, DIN 6798 and DIN 6799. The company can also provide the production of special parts – starting with the design and production of tools through to the stamped piece and heat treatment. 

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