Reduction in nitrogen emissions with urea systems from NORMA Group 04 December 2017

NORMA Group supplies 150,000 urea transport systems (UTS) each year to a leading Chinese truck manufacturer. The heated plastic pipes for urea injection are produced at the Chinese site in Qingdao and will be installed in around 50,000 vehicles from 2017 until at least 2022.

The exhaust gas standard ‘China 6’ enters into force in China in 2020. In order to comply with the strict threshold values for nitrogen oxides, manufacturers of commercial vehicles with diesel engines are obliged to install selective catalytic reduction systems among other devices. “Our Urea transport systems help our customers worldwide to reliably and effectively meet the emission standards,” says Werner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group. “We are pleased that our urea technology is also needed for the reduction of nitrogen oxides in the Chinese market that is so important to us. To ensure that systems can meet even more demanding requirements, we are constantly developing our urea portfolio further.”

Depending on the customer’s requirements, NORMA Group’s urea transport systems are used in various designs in vehicles with diesel engines. Since urea freezes at -11°c, the liquid must be heated to be ready for operation. Heated urea transport systems ensure that the frozen urea solution thaws and can be injected within a very short time. The heating wire is either externally wrapped around the plastic conduit or located within the conduit directly in the urea fluid. Another concept uses the heat from the cooling water system to defrost the urea solution.

The most recent development within the NORMA Group’s urea-transport product portfolio is the Smart-Thaw system that not only heats the urea line and its two quick connectors, but also heats interfaces with adjacent system components. The system uses a heating rod placed up to or through a urea-dispensing spigot, applying heat to areas that current systems fail to reach, which speeds up the thawing process even further.

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