NORMA Group wins orders for exhaust gas treatment for trucks in China 02 January 2019

Starting in July 2019, NORMA Group will supply urea transport systems and exhaust gas clamps to several leading Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturers as part of four orders. On average, about 300,000 diesel vehicles are equipped each year over a six-year period until 2025.

The products help to reduce vehicle emissions and help customers comply with the China 6 legal emissions standard, which will come into force in 2020.

“Stricter emission standards call for ever more complex exhaust aftertreatment systems – worldwide. These orders prove that our product solutions are well established in the rapidly growing Chinese market. Together with our customers, we can make a contribution to effectively reducing environmentally harmful emissions,” says Bernd Kleinhens, CEO of NORMA Group.

Urea solution is injected into the exhaust tract of diesel vehicles using NORMA Group’s urea transport systems (UTS). During exhaust gas purification, or selective catalytic reduction, harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) and ammonia are broken down into the harmless substances of water and nitrogen. The robust AccuLock exhaust pipe clamp is specially designed for joining in the exhaust tract. Thanks to its low weight and space-saving geometry, it is significantly more flexible in the assembly process than conventional flange connections. It also has particularly low leakage rates, which is essential for car manufacturers to achieve the stringent emissions regulations in the various countries worldwide.

The product solutions are produced at the NORMA Group plants in Qingdao and Changzhou, China. Apart from these two plants, NORMA Group has two further production facilities in China, in Wuxi and Shaoxing.

“Thanks to our consistent localization strategy, we are close to our customers in the dynamic Asian market, support them in product development and have short delivery times. We have achieved consistently high sales growth in the Asia-Pacific region for years and will continue to advance our activities in this important future market,” says Kelinhens.

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