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New TORX® Paralobe™ drive system

18th May 2017

In the long history of Acument Global Technologies developing new fastener drive systems such as TORX® and TORX PLUS® drive, the desire to continually improve and meet new industry needs has led to a new product to be rolled out in 2017 – the TORX® Paralobe™.

TORX® Paralobe™ is a unique, proprietary drive system with full surface drive contact thus reducing stress at the bit/recess contact points. With this drive system, Acument reports that there is 20% greater bit torsional strength and 20% greater drive system strength than the TORX PLUS® drive system and 40% greater torque strength than the TORX® drive system.

The ideal applications for the TORX® Paralobe™ drive are fasteners with heavy coating, automatic fastener assembly, repeated removal/installation, and high torque transfer applications. Acument believes the TORX® Paralobe™ drive system will be a highly desirable addition to the aerospace and automotive industry because of the increased torque capabilities, tool life, and potential weight savings connected to the system.

Plans are being made to add additional features to TORX® Paralobe™ such as external drive, AUTOSERT®, and tamper-resistant to the current offering of an internal drive feature.

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