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Living market evolution

8th June 2017

Since 1984 Frigerio Ettore SpA has deployed the strategy 'to live' the market evolution and to satisfy relevant requirements. 

Situated in Lecco, Northern Italy, the company’s core business is cold pressing, welding, assembly, industrial washing and surface treatment. Its machinery range includes automatic presses for stamping from coil (100 tonnes to 500 tonnes) and hydraulic and mechanical presses for manual stamping (30 tonnes to 400 tonnes).

Frigerio is proud of its capacity to carry out critical welding processes with a machinery range that includes projection welders with electronic weld parameter control, single and three phase projection spot welders and robot arc welding systems with power up to 600Kw.

The company’s major area of specialisation is the automotive sector and related industries but it also serves the field of motorcycles, hobbies, electro mechanics, electronics, textile, heating equipment. Frigerio Ettore S.p.A. also developed and distributes its own line of products consisting of fastening system and small ironware articles. A wide range of toggle latches in different finish is available, zinc-plated, nick-plated, painted steel and stainless steel.

The engineering department has the role to develop innovative production systems and new dies (in-house manufacturing of follow dies, transfer dies, blocking dies and drawing dies), supported by a workstation network, provided with a modern CAD/CAM system to implement CNC machine programming.

Frigerio Ettore’s reputation for quality and dependability led it to achieve ISO 9002/UNI-EN 1-29002 certification in 1992 awarded by ICIM.

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