Lifetime Warranty from Nord-Lock Group 12 May 2017

Nord-Lock Group has recently launched the Lifetime Warranty concept – a full lifecycle warranty across all its technologies. It’s the first warranty of its kind in the industry – yet another proof of the Nord-Lock Group’s commitment to being number one.

A warranty is a promise. But in the case of Nord-Lock Group, it is simply the formalising of that promise implied in every product. The company is well known as the leader in secure bolting solutions. The warranty? Tangible proof of the Group’s commitment to a ‘quality is everything’ mindset that led to its comprehensive portfolio in the first place. And an apt statement of the continuing innovative thinking that has characterised the company in its first 35 years, with the promise of more to come.

“We field-test our technologies for thousands of hours, and put them through the most demanding trials their applications arelikely to experience,” says Ola Ringdahl, CEO of Nord-Lock Group. “Backing them with the most meaningful warranty in the industry shows our relentless and never-ending focus on quality.”

Wedge-locking washer reliability for life
The story of Nord-Lock began with the world-renown Nord-Lock wedge-locking washer—a pioneer in safety from its beginnings in 1982, and the industry standard to this day.

The new Lifetime Warranty on Nord-Lock original washer, X-series, steel construction washer and wheel nuts guarantees that the products will fulfil their intended function during the entire lifetime of the bolted connection where the product is initially installed.

“We have been successfully manufacturing wedge-locking washers for more than 35 years,” says Christer Ek, Nord-Lock division director. “I can offer the Lifetime Warranty with confidence—it’s a further proof of our long track record with high quality products.”

The multi-jackbolt tensioner that just keeps going
Superbolt offers a direct replacement for large-size conventional nuts and bolts, and has been proven successful eliminating unsafe and time-consuming bolting methods since its start in the 1970s.
The new Lifetime Warranty means Superbolt tensioners will fulfil their intended function for the lifetime of the bolted connection where the product is initially installed.

“Superbolt developed the reliable multi-jackbolt tensioner technology, and is a great fit in the history of innovation that characterises the Nord-Lock Group,” says Bill Myers, Superbolt division director. “The Lifetime Warranty speaks well to the confidence customers can have in Superbolt and all our products.”

Hydraulic tensioning designed to last
Boltight has been at the forefront of hydraulic tensioning for many year. The team develop advanced hydraulic bolt tensioning tools that are lightweight, compact and easy to use. That innovative spirit and customer-centric approach to solving problems make Boltight a natural fit in the Nord-Lock Group’s total solution offer.

With the new warranty, customers can expect Boltight tensioners to fulfil their intended function under normal use for 3 years/10,000 cycles in operation. “Boltight long ago recognised that the quality of design and workmanship that embodies all of our products is what ensures they outlast those of the competition,” says Phil Jarvis, Boltight division director. “We are very excited to be able to guarantee this under the Nord-Lock Group Lifetime Warranty.”

Making lug wear obsolete
Expander System is the clever answer to pivot wear and the expensive repairs and downtime that come with it. Its award-winning approach to improving safety, extending lifecycle and minimising costly downtime of equipment made it an obvious fit as part of the Nord-Lock Group.

Nord-Lock Group warrants that the Expander System will stay locked into the pivot lug years after installation—10 years or 10, 000 hours in operation, to be precise. “In effect, our warranty means customers simply no longer have to worry about lug hole wear,” says Thomas Persson, Expander System division director. “Customers can trust that their equipment will continue to be productive, even in the toughest conditions.’

35 years and just getting started
With the new Lifetime Warranty concept in place, Nord-Lock Group customers can rest assured that they will solve their bolting challenges through one dependable partner. And what better way to celebrate the company’s 35th anniversary as an innovator, than with two truly ground-breaking new technologies for the industry?

The new VersaTite Hydraulic Mechanical Tensioner from Superbolt is one. And it promises to revolutionise the tensioning business by combining the speed and uniformity of hydraulic tensioners with the accuracy of Superbolt mechanical tensioners.

“The mission of our Group is to safeguard human lives and customer investments,” says Steve Busalacchi, tensioning specialist at the Nord-Lock Group. “Versatility in assembly and removal, safe and efficient operations, and increased application uptime are some advantages the new solution brings.” 

Nord-Lock is also launching an advanced Hydraulic Expansion Bolt named Superbolt HyFit, designed to deliver high performance torque transmission for critical load rotating shafts and couplings.

HyFit is an advanced product that can replace all designs of coupling bolts. Its main applications will be in power generation, including conventional steam, high efficiency gas, hydro and wind turbines. It is also designed for use in the marine industry on critical couplings within propulsion shaft lines.

“The benefits of the HyFit products can be fully exploited when used in high value capital equipment where demanding performance requirements and safety are a priority,” says Steve Brown, expansion bolt specialist with the Nord-Lock Group. “It saves time and offers predictable and controlled workflow scheduling. HyFit also maximises plant availability by overcoming problems associated with coupling slippage and the resulting effect of stuck bolts.”

Number one at being first
The Nord-Lock Group is proud to be the first bolting solutions partner to offer a full lifecycle warranty across its technologies. Rightfully so. The integrity of any industrial application is only as reliable as its most vulnerable link. Strengthening confidence in couplings and bolted joints addresses an important concern for engineers, and for any stakeholder who appreciates the importance of the infrastructure we all rely on. This long-lasting reliability also reduces maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

Nord-Lock Group technologies have an unmatched reputation for reliability, performance and security. They are put through the most demanding trials their application is likely to experience, and put them through their paces for much longer than anyone should reasonably expect.

When we offer a solution, we expect it to perform above and beyond anything in its class. Which is why we back it with the most meaningful warranty in the industry,” says CEO Ola Ringdahl. “Our customers expect the best when choosing Nord-Lock as their partner in secure bolting solutions.”

Now they can expect the best warranty in the business as well. 

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