Focus on security screws 12 June 2018

Hafren Security Fasteners is committed to stamping out the impact of theft globally and is working to achieve this through the wholesale supply of security fasteners, specialist tamper resistant screws, nuts and bolts.

Any product is the sum of its parts, which is why the quality of fastener components is vital. When designers and manufacturers are considering security issues with fasteners there are three main factors to be considered.

1. Security of the part
Hafren works closely with designers and specifiers to ensure the best product for the application is used. The company’s wide range of fasteners can satisfy the security requirements of any application from more common security fasteners for low risk applications, such as pin hex and 6-Lobe pin, to the more unique patented security fasteners, such as Kinmar® Permanent/Removable, Scroll Nut™, and Power6™ for higher risk applications. Hafren can even create completely bespoke fasteners designed with specific requirements in mind.

2. Quality of the part
Hafren Fasteners stocks the majority of parts in high-quality A2 stainless steel for improved product life, but also offers fasteners in a range of materials and finishes, such as A4 stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel, brass and A1 stainless steel. Hafren also offers fasteners in a range of platings such as zinc, galvanised/Geomet®, and Delta Protekt®.

When it comes to specifying the right fastener for the job Hafren also offers a wide range of styles and threads, which all help to make the installation quicker, easier and more secure.

3. Supply chain
For over 24 years Hafren has been a security fastener specialist, dealing only in security fasteners and supplying only through its approved distributors partners; which it says has enabled it to develop a business with the largest range of security fasteners available from stock, many of which are unique and patented items. Added to this is Hafren’s investment in research and development – the company is always innovating and working hard to bring new and bespoke solutions to the market.

Hafren’s anti-tamper fasteners have been proven in applications including architectural, automotive, high security, government, MoD, marine and industrial equipment.

“We have an excellent track record for outstanding customer service, our friendly helpful staff are readily available, offering professional advice and support. All supported and backed up by our internationally recognised standards for quality and environment systems,” comments Hafren.

Specialist security fasteners are used in a wide variety of applications from prison builds and refurbishments, playground installations, street furniture, bus shelters and public transport amenities. Hafren has even supplied fasteners to be used in a desert – a recent project saw the company supply Power6 security bolts and shear nuts to a desert in Bahrain for use in high security perimeter protection for a series of data centres being built for a leading global technology company.

The Power6 bolt was the ideal choice for this project as it’s unique 6-lobed drive (different to the standard 6-lobed pin), can only be removed with a specialised driver bit – giving it improved tamper resistance. Also, the tri-lobular self-threading screw eliminates the need for nuts, reducing labour costs and installation time. Finally, this security bolt is supplied in case hardened steel coated with Geomet® 500B, from NoF Metal Coatings, giving them fantastic durability and weather resistance – meaning they’re able to cope with anything the desert can throw at them.

Claire Aldridge Deputy Editor t: +44 (0) 1727 814 450

Having joined the magazine in 2012, Claire developed her knowledge of the industry through the numerous company visits, exhibitions and conferences she attended both in the UK and abroad.

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