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Huck® – Fastening made easy

27th July 2017
The Huck® Magna-Grip® is a high-quality fastening system that accommodates varying material thicknesses. The wide grip range of the Multi-Grip enables…

Why friction in screw connections is crucial for process capability

26th July 2017
First published: 11th October 2016 By Martin Rüedy, Bossard expert team Ref: FFT161005 Lean production is the current trend and represents eve…

Can screws be reused?

12th July 2017
10th August 2016 By Martin Rüedy, fastener expert team, Bossard Group Ref: FFT160810 The reuse of screws after operational use is not to be re…

The benefit of lockbolts

23rd June 2017
By Dr.-Ing. Hans- Albert Staedler Seventy years ago Louis C. Huck - the founder of Huck Fasteners, which ultimately became part of Arconic Fastening …

New universal structural bonders

15th June 2017
Henkel has developed a range of universal structural bonders using new patented hybrid technology. This innovative approach substantially extends the …


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Lightweighting and fastener development

An in-depth conversation on lightweighting and fastener development with Mike Mowins, is never to be missed. Executive Editor Phil Matten caught up wi…