New Lignoloc® nail with head 22 September 2021

Austrian manufacturer BECK is continuing its innovations in wooden collated fasteners with the new LIGNOLOC® nail with head, as well as the technical modification of its F60 LIGNOLOC® handheld nailers to enable compatibility with these fasteners.

Launching soon, the main target application for these new nails is horizontal and vertical wood cladding. After months of R&D work and fine tuning, lead user market tests will last until the end of September, with a general roll out planned for the end of 2021.  

BECK states its LIGNOLOC® range is the most sustainable professional fastening system on the market with more than 70% lower CO2 emission versus conventional systems. Furthermore, LIGNOLOC provides additional benefits such as less thermal conductivity, corrosion and chemical resistance, as well as less tool wear when cutting and grinding wooden elements. The ecological fastening system, made of the renewable raw material beech wood, is ideal for all timber construction companies that want to implement projects metal-free and efficiently. In this way, companies can increase the value of construction projects and make a bigger contribution to sustainable building.

LIGNOLOC wooden nails offer the possibility of building ecologically high-quality wooden elements. The environmentally friendly fasteners are ideal to produce multi-layer mass timber panels and replace aluminium nails and wooden dowels.

“There are currently several projects in progress in which CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is manufactured with LIGNOLOC wooden nails in addition to gluing. In the production process that has been customary up to now with adhesive alone, the necessary use of a press and the duration of the adhesive drying result in a waiting time of around one hour,” mentions BECK. “By using LIGNOLOC wooden nails, production time can be shortened. This means advantages for the industry in terms of time saving and environment-friendliness.”

Beside the two handheld tools, the F44 LIGNOLOC – for nails with a diameter of 3.7mm (0.146 inches) and the F60 LIGNOLOC – for diameters of 4.7mm (0.185 inches) and 5.3mm (0.209 inches), BECK offers two LIGNOLOC nailing heads within the FASCO® tool line. With these, the wooden nails can also be processed in a stationary system. From nail bridges to robots, the LIGNOLOC systems are individually adaptable to all industrial solutions.

After receiving the German general construction technique permit in 2020, which enables the planning, design and execution of load-bearing connections in timber frame construction, Raimund BECK KG is working towards a European Technical Assessment for LIGNOLOC in 2022. 

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