Ejot introduces new concrete screws 19 May 2022

Ejot has developed the JC2 Plus 14 concrete screw, which is removable and reusable and can also withstand high loads even at relatively small spacings and edge distances.    

As the concrete screws are removable and reusable, the product is well suited for temporary fixings such as the installation of element and formwork supports. With high-level performance, the JC2 has also been designed for heavy loads, with the size 14 SW24 especially designed for attaching formwork supports.  

The JC2 has two approved setting depths. The concrete screws have optimised thread design for improved cutting performance, as well as an optimised top shape to facilitate installation. The full range of JC2 Plus contains size 8, 10 and 14, and are ETA approved for cracked and non-cracked concrete. The screw is also DIBt approved for reusability together with the CG Checking Gauge.

The CG Checking Gauge is a tool used for measuring concrete screw reusability for temporary bracing applications like concrete moulds. It allows the user to easily check whether the JC2 is suitable for reuse or not. Use the checking gauge before each installation. If the concrete screw can go through the test sleeve, the product should not be used anymore.

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