Point-One™ adhesives that don’t require REACH training 05 June 2023

The upcoming REACH training and certification requirements for users of diisocyanates will impact the use of many polyurethane adhesives in industrial applications. Intertronics instead offers Point-One Structural Polyurethane Adhesives, which do not require REACH training thanks to their low diisocyanate content. These adhesives are suitable for applications including the interior and exterior automotive aftermarket, caravan and trailer manufacture and repair, and outdoor lighting and signage.

Point-One adhesives are fast-curing two-part adhesives that can form strong, durable bonds in 10 minutes. These adhesives are resistant to moisture, fuel and other solvents, as well as chemicals. As well as bringing health and safety benefits from their low diisocyanate content, Point-One adhesives are solvent and VOC free, and have no requirement for a carcinogen warning on the product label as they are not H351 classified.

The Point-One range includes IRS 3223-B Point-One Structural Polyurethane Adhesive, which is black in colour and has a working time of 3.5 minutes, and IRS 3221-W Point-One Structural Polyurethane Adhesive, which is white in colour, has a working life of 1.5 minutes, and features high UV stability for outdoor use. Intertronics states both materials offer excellent adhesion to plastics, metals, GRP, ceramics, SMC, wood, plasterboard, concrete, rock, and marble.

Point-One adhesives are supplied in pre-measured, side-by-side double syringe cartridges, available in either 50g or 200g, alongside static mixing nozzles for straightforward application. The products have good sag resistant properties, allowing vertical application, excellent gap filling properties and are easy to extrude through the static mixing nozzle. The adhesives have a 24-month shelf life in the original sealed cartridge.

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