Multi-purpose E-bike with original frame on rivets 10 July 2019

After successful testing of the first prototype, a team of startup Avial Bikes enthusiasts have presented its new e-bike model, made on the basis of a patent pending frame, assembled from profiles made of aircraft grade aluminium.

As in most aircraft fuselages and wings, the frame elements of the brand new product are joined together with rivets, which not only expands the possibilities of design, but also, without welding, makes production more environmentally friendly.

The new e-bike has a 48V battery with a capacity of 13Ah and a mid-drive system Comp 17 with a power of 350W, which provides speeds of up to 45km/h (28mph) and more than 50km (31 miles) mileage on one charge.

The smoothness of the gear shift while driving is ensured by the Gearsensor mounted in the transmission, developed in the Czech Republic. For operation in the European market the version of the mid-drive system 250W (25km/h / 15mph) with a torque of 80Nm has also been designed.

The compact frame of Avial Bikes weighing about 3.5kg is designed for loads up to 140kg and multipurpose operation. E-bike not only has excellent manoeuvrability in the conditions of ride in city traffic, but also is a reliable SUV for country walks. The on-board computer supports 5 power levels of the electric drive, which allows the owner to adjust easily and quickly all the main driving parameters for different road conditions.

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